Eudaimonia (personal flourishing)
is 'Flow' and Bliss

Dear Friends,

While bliss may be experienced by evoking or exploring good spiritedness, I'm curious about the following.


How to experience eudaimonia, flow, and bliss naturally?


What is 'flow' ~ the psychology of optimal experience?

'Flow' is an absorbed mind, being in the "zone," a focused, fugue-like state.

'Flow' involves:

  1. Clear goals: short- and long-term, e.g. singing the notes of, and a whole piece of music;

  2. Immediate feedback, e.g. one knows how one sang the notes and the piece;
  3. Challenges, where the challenges of activities are matched with the skills of the person, e.g. singing a piece at the appropriate level;
  4. Focus or concentration;
  5. A lack of worry about other things, - esp. what people think of you;
  6. A feeling that one is in control of one's life;
  7. A loss of self-consciousness;
  8. And often a sense of loss of time, because one is absorbed in enjoyment (Csikszentmihalyi 1991).

'Flow' can happen in yoga-related movement. Exploring your 'inner body' in movement is a very enjoyable kind of 'flow.'

'Flow' leads to greater complexity, as one engages challenges at the right level.

To increase 'flow,' increase challenge, at the right level; for example, the challenge of 'letting go,' while singing a piece of music.

The opposite of flow is psychic entropy, - scatteredness.

To find 'flow,' the following are integral: clarity, centering, choice, commitment and challenge. You can find 'flow' in so many different ways.

'Flow' is concentration, and concentration is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Yoga is particularly beneficial for 'flow,' because it's a path to holistic health, and can lead to a kind of freedom, and sometimes loving bliss.


is great happiness. Bliss is also one aspect of eight-limbed yoga.

I think 'flow' can be a basis for bliss, but I'm also interested in more 'Taoist' or natural approaches to it. It can happen naturally, as a consequence of how one's brain~bodymind works, - it kind of comes in waves, flushes, flowerings, or bubbles up. Experiences can stimulate it. For example, yogic breathing in a very released state of mind can provide a basis for bliss. Laughter and appreciation can bring it on, e.g. for me, listening to Mozart's 'Magic Flute.' Being in love can elicit it. How can one cultivate it naturally, if bliss is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, - involving, in part for me, feeling and engaging lovingly toward everyone in your life, with people who are doing the same?

EUDAIMONIA (Greek ~ good spirit) ~ happy, personal flourishing

When 'flow' and bliss come together, eudaimonia can occur, a kind of liberation. Is it possible to 'play' our brains' neurophysiologies like a virtuosic (or beginning) musician vis--vis loving bliss? Experiment and explore how you might create ~ cultivate this, with friends or by yourself.

Omega-3 fatty acids (1000 mg flax seed oil, 3-4 times a day with food) and a healthy bodymind through some vigorous movement and a good diet are also helpful bases.




Csikszentmihalyi, Mihalyi (pr. chick sent me hi). 1991. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. New York: Harper Perennial.


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