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Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations

email: to inquire about Yoga online interactively and restoratively together.

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Imaginative ~ Freeing ~ Easing ~ Integrative

Restorative classes will meet thru 2028 variously 

when you'd like (Pacific Time) ONLINE in Zoom or video conferencing of your choice ~

please call or email about them

{or potentially above the village of Canyon's redwoods, near Berkeley}
at 670A Ridgecrest Road,
Canyon, CA 94516

415 480 4577

~ Ongoing online in 2022 upon request ~

Yoga  friends: These classes explore ... ~ what's wonderful in yoga, ~ a wide range of yoga positions, ~ inner and outer, imaginative, freeing, easing & integrating movements, ~ some partner poses, ~ breathing, ~  and creative & restorative poses, meditatively, ~ much of this relaxing on the floor. In the process, I'm curious to further a kind of inner conversation with you about bliss & connecting, via yoga. Evolutionary biologically {relaxation response}, f/Friendly & nonharming-oriented, {a kind of Taoist approach to Yoga}, let's come home, naturally, to a free, well & healthy bodymind, through a kind of inner movement meditation of imagery and releasing, in my beautiful home above the village of Canyon's redwoods. Scott has a certificate from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco (1992), has taught yoga for more than 10 years, and enjoys the freedom-orientation of Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations' yoga.

$10  per class

Please bring a yoga mat, and other supports you like ...  and relaxed clothing (free of scent and cat allergens, - so, freshly washed, and untouched by cats, as well as textiles touched by cats, like sofas, etc.) ... perhaps loose, long pants that can be drawn up for skin-to-skin contact (e.g. foot to thigh), or shorts ... I have a few supports here.  :~)

Yoga in Canyon Flyer

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in your Home

$10 Suggested Donatio(~1 hour)

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Eudaimonia (personal flourishing) is ‘Flow’ & Bliss
Eudaimonia is Flow & Bliss

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Yoga, subject page:

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P.O. Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA, 94516

415 480 4577

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Thank you & Namaste!

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Medical Information Resources

Here are three resources which search fields I find helpful for health
information comparisons, as well as one on
scientifically reversing heart disease.

~ Dr. Andy Weil's integrative medicine web site -

- The SEARCH field in Dr. Andy Weil's integrative / complementary medicine web site offers helpful FREE health information. Check out, for example, a condition you have, OR "wellness diet" or "mediterranean diet."

~ National Institutes of Health -

~ Ornish, Dean, M.D. 1995. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery. Ivy Books.

- Dean Ornish's research ( originates from a yoga perspective. A very low-fat, delicious, vegetarian-centered, natural foods' diet, exercise (30 minutes per day), stress reduction and community may have numerous other health benefits, besides reversing heart disease. This book has recipes, as well.

~ Web MD -

There's much scientific evidence for the health benefits, in general, of a low-fat, natural foods diet (e.g. 5-9 servings of fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes per day), as well as 30 minutes of daily movement, some vigorous like dancing.


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