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Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations

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Yoga is the inner releasing action {relaxation response} of the bodymind/brain for we language-using human primates

ii ...
~ Practice Angela & Victor Yoga bodymind explorations

~ ~

including inner movements playfully, and Underground Yoga {which will hopefully move online with interactive yoga avatarbots beyond videos} ~ See, too, Angela's Feminine Unfolding ~

~ Play and learn from these inner releasing actions & listen inside to what comes up

~ Care with compassion, ~ and enjoyably travel to hot springs for meditation in warm pools ...
{I'm thinking here of meditating in the warm pool of Harbin Hot Springs} ...
or meditate at home in your bath tub {in a virtual Harbin eventually}, and open your awareness/find benefit in daily travel like walking

~ There's much wellness in, and scientific evidence for the health benefits of, in general, a low-fat, natural foods diet (e.g. 5-9 servings of fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes per day), as well as 30 minutes of daily movement, some aerobic like dancing; do Yoga, it's healing


1. Helpful guidelines for care / love in living? Be ethical?

In the information age re Hippy-Yoga,
am appreciative too of Google's "Don't be evil" philosophy, Creative Commons, and Stanford Law thinking re law in each of all ~200 nation states

2. Positive observances ~ unwind

3. Yoga bodymind explorations including inner movement ~ play

4. Breathing ~ Mmmmm feels so good {Angela-wise} ~ explore

5. Come home inside into your bodymind at times to regenerate yourself

6. Focus in releasing ways to connect in a kind of oneness in neurophysiology
(and re Csikszentmihalyi's "Flow" experience)

7. Connectedness and "it's just happening"

8. Bring it on home ~ Oneness ~ Cosmic Consciousness


~ Non-harming (yummy vegetarian food with an egg and multi-vitamin a day is a boon)

~ Truthfulness, Integrity, Honesty

~ Non-stealing

~ Learning from other species, hippy human primate yogis as potentially free Bonobo chimpanzees revel in sexuality/intimacy/touch, but non-harming and care can be and are significant balances for sexuality that damages; some alternative hippy Yogi human primates will freely choose to restrain from sexuality/lust {brahmacharya} of course; Opening to, and nourishing, wondrous love and sexuality as far-reaching metaphorical "information technologies" together as duet between partners is the best {here are possible approaches ~}; have kids if you like, and raise good families; hippy Yogini earth mother says have lots of babies and raise them well & with much love

~ Adhibit (Engage), troop bond and pair bond with grace and ecological balance with others (re John Money's "Concepts of Determinism" ~

Harbin warm pool photo?


~ Attune yourself through daily exploration of an inner releasing action {relaxation response} as a kind of inner bodymind house cleansing

~ Contentment neurophysiology brain-wise can be facilitated with the harmonizing effect of omega-3 fatty acids (flax seed oil capsules, 7-10 per day) ...

~ Simplicity in Friendly Gatherings / unprogrammed distributed Quaker Meeting / non-theistic F/friendly/NtF / atheistic Quaker senses is great {and all the SPICES ~ simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship ~ too; conscientious objection, as well}

~ Cultivate learning consciousness of your own neurophysiology (much more STEM research needed, and at subatomic / quantum physics' levels too) and actions, and conversation in these regards with a counselor~psychotherapist {e.g. self awareness therapy} if this would be helpful ... Explore Jacques Lacan MD and hippy psychoanalysis/psychiatry {Jacques Lacan Parle ~ ~ and use language~speak~write
 ... and ...} ... Opening to freedom (as in the student and hippy freedom-seeking movements of the 1960s and '70s, for example, which further opened America to Yoga), be aware of the religious Yogic MEMES (i.e. replicating cultural units) in your bodyminds, - for example, chanting, that may take away your freedom as an individual, even while beneficially focusing the mind and creating "flow" experiences,

{think e.g. hippy-yogi critical thinking and reasoning}

~ Bond well with your community, tribe, your partner(s), in a contented marriage, your group, your wildness too; lie on your back for the relaxation response daily, and if this emerges as a kind of inner attuning devotion, great

Angela and Victor Yoga inner body pose explorations ...

Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten: Opening the Leg Channels.

Angela Farmer, Fluid Frame:

The Bhagavad Gita

... Learning Yoga in partner poses can be wonderful

Angela and Victor Yoga inner body breathing explorations ...


on breathing

at about 42 minutes

Come home inside into your bodymind at times ~ and re Angela and Victor's Yoga

Focus to connect in a kind of oneness (re Csikszentmihalyi's "Flow" experience) ~ where you can do this by releasing and exploring especially

iii ...
Into the Inner Body

Connectedness and "it's just happening"
"turn on, tune in, drop out"

Peace, Love and Happiness

Bring it on home ~ oneness ~ 

 ~ India is eternally fascinating ~

 ~ warm bath, warm pool, Harbin Hot Springs ~

holy smoke! ~ holiness ~ serendipity ~ syncrhonicity

~ flow ~ in the zone ~

~ hippie Yogis to the hot springs for yoga and meditation ~

entheogenically even ~ cosmic consciousness ~


on merging and oneness

at about 43 minutes

Non-theistically friendly Yoga is good ... appreciating friendliness here ...

Care with compassion, ~ and enjoyably travel to hot springs for meditation in the warm pools, and especially for positive, serene nakedness and eroticism, such as at Harbin Hot Springs (both on-the-ground and online in virtual realism eventually) ...

Cultivate kindness, oneness, connectedness, community, communitas, freedom, care, love, peace, harmonizing, Tantra and flourishing ... goodness and knowledge ... as well as music and art in beautiful nature ... Liberté, égalité, sororité et Liberté, égalité, fraternité 


Friends' Dalton Letter (about love in some its best senses) (and


Berry-head-Sun-Sun, Yoga human-warmth Philosophy?

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras begin with what is often translated as "Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind," which is also often chanted. At least my wee Hippy-Yoga-Notations-Meditations don't leave the reader-yogi dead from the outset of the Sutras :) (in my interpretation here, and with concerns about such language, translated from a beautiful old Sanskrit language, and en-culturated over some 2000 years ... hopping some oceans in between) ... appreciating Angela and Victor's thinkiting here

Not sure why my veggie-ness (being an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, which I was also when I lived the first year in Scotland in 1976-1977, - being a child of the '60s that I was, and a bit of a peachy-peace-head rebel) seems to have a beneficial ecology .. (in my life) ... seeking a natural concept for a kind of karma idea here, with inclusiveness for biology/neurophysiology/symbols-internet/evolutionary biology's 3-100 million species's as significant related ideas ... and re the fish oil / flax oil harmonizing and brightening effect bennies (benefits) of omega 3s (for me) ... how would this work and re Harbin too? ... with learning-from-Bonobo in these Yoga-Notations too ... LA hippies ... Jim Morrison ... Esalen ... wondering if Ishvara (current Founder of Harbin since 1972) knew The Doors? ... Warm~watery Taoism ...

Are MD (Medical Doctor) scrubs modern day gender-neutral hospital-caring saris/dhotis? ~ pajama party! :)


Envisioning? Yogi in a cave in the Himalayas - go wilderness backpacking, Yogis ~ in US National Parks & Wilderness Areas in the west! ... (and explore, - as a kind of oneness with nature that allows you to cultivate freedom and ease and retreat from the possible crazinesses of sociality living in your local community / society and information technology, within your own bodymind) and practice the relaxation response / meditate ...

Hobbit in the Shire contentment ~ when adventuring in the British Isles even!

It's Angela's language and vision that can be so wondrous - will be fascinating if she emerges as an interactive avatar bot ! :)

Alternative Yoga Sutras? Alternative The Yoga-Sutra of Patańjali as technologies of freedom? Alternative 8-Limb Yoga? Alternative Yamas and Niyamas?

You/we have agency {intentional action, and loosely, free will} to write, for example, further alternative Yoga Notations, to travel to the hot springs for meditation in the warm water, ~ to enjoy and explore Yoga consciousness for {loving} bliss neurophysiology generation ... MMmmm ... and also vis-a-vis the Desiderata ~ 



Vulcanoid: Rock Star Yogini Teacher Angela Farmer, Yoga in Berkeley, Kilt and all!!, Much love from your kilted yogi friends, Visit the Harbin Hot Springs' gate here - {accessible from ~}

Opening to warmth and caring in my envisioning ... is different from opening to the warmth, connecting and meditating in the warm pool ...:)

Warm regards, Scott


Cultivate specific kinds of beneficial inner bodymind neurophysiology as if by practicing a musical instrument ~

Guidelines for practicing loving bliss vis-ŕ-vis practicing a musical instrument


Explore how this inner body releasing Yoga feels to connect further, and for self-learning.

We may have to compose the music with which to sing something like this. :)

Angela Farmer's "The Feminine Unfolding" ...


Cultivate Regenerative Yoga where

Yoga is meditation ~ the inner releasing action {relaxation response}
of the bodymind/brain ~ for we creative language-using human primates


Hippy~anjali Yoga Notations

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Imaginative ~ Freeing ~ Easing ~ Integrating

Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations
(as an alternative to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
and as conversation with Angela and Victor's Yoga)

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Eudaimonia (personal flourishing) is ‘Flow’ & Bliss
Eudaimonia is Flow & Bliss

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Arc: Steps to Elicit the Relaxation Response ~

MacLeod, Scott. 2017. Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations (as an alternative to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and as conversation with Angela and Victor's Yoga). See, too ~ SF Bay Area:

Ovule: What would Hippy-anjali write down and sing as key yoga code for the next 3 millennia, coming into conversation with old fat-and-jolly as Yogini Angela has called Patanjali (of the Yoga sutras) ... I wonder? :), Angela and Victor Yoga pose and breathing inner body explorations, Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations (conversing with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), "Yoga is the inner releasing action {relaxation response} of the bodymind/brain for we human primates" "Cultivate specific kinds of beneficial bodymind neurophysiology as if by practicing a musical instrument" ~

Yoga wiki subject page at World University and School ~ &


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